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well there will always be job specific skills that an employer is looking for most employers will also want you to have some general skills these general job skills are called employability skills having employability skills can help you get employment generally speaking there are eight skills that employers want you to have no matter what industry you're working in one communication to teamwork three problem-solving for initiative and enterprise five planning and organizing six self-management seven learning eight technology in this video we'll look at each skill individually to demonstrate practical applications showing you a variety of elements each skill involves communication depending on the job communication is about being a good talker and a good listener and using communication devices it involves being confident when speaking to people face-to-face some of the key elements of good communication skills are listening and understanding what is being said to you speaking clearly and directly or using your device to communicate reading independently using numbers sharing information and he could be right here eyes leader response like this here you go sir chicken fries chicken salad Table nine hey Matt can you watch that camera in the wash bay when your PCA plays right so thank you I'm a pilot pool set up and I've got chocolates up are you teamwork teamwork means being good at working with people both the people you work with and other people that you come into contact with like customers and delivering people etc some of the key elements of good teamwork skills are working with people over all ages being able to listen closely and speak clearly knowing what your role is in the team Music and same time I fainted skate videos yep thanks Music Applause I Daniel can you please bring in the car piss on finish do it now yeah thank you you dry remember to keep that moving honor that's it Nikki I finish is there anything I can have your lips just with Courtney closed briefing driver problem solving problem solving is about being able to find solutions when faced with difficulties or setbacks even if you can't think of a solution straight away you need to have a logical process for figuring things out some of the key elements of good problem-solving skills are if there is a problem think hard on how to solve it or ask for help think about how you've solved a problem in the past our three blooms for everyone's and to orange excuse me okay and is there any red fill until hell hang it says about twenty thirty so I should be over in the store or they should be over there with some of the targets door durian fruit okay good hey go back you lose yourself through it all just wanting if you help me find the Bonnie working dog there yeah sure that's right yeah all right is the bunny working those canoes well I'll just grab the water now huh yeah initiative and enterprise showing initiative can be seeing a problem or...